Saturday, October 2, 2010

Version.02 One Size Diaper

Presenting the NEW! Bling Bumz V.02
We've been listening to what our awesome customers want! and also from my personal experience using it, so this is what we came out with hope you gorgeous mama out there gonna love it! Although with the new soaker style which is wider and won't be as trim as the previous version but it's definitely more absorbent and could simply last for 3 - 4 hours on my heavy wetter son.

Next, as we managed to get some material in bulk and decided to share the love :) hence the new price gonna be lower! yes! you hear me right! :) with more material used for the new soaker design yet we are offering it at lower price! :) CLICK HERE for details.

Do check out our fabric gallery too, we has uploaded some new yummy prints :)

Good things doesn't just end there! :) October is the birthday month of yours truly :) therefore FREE SHIPPING for all domestic shipping within Malaysia

**Purchase RM150.00 and Below FOC Shipping via Pos Daftar
** Purchase RM151.00 and Above FOC Shipping via Pos Laju

Alright, now have a look at our Bling Bumz V.02 . Thank You! for your never ending support.

Bling Bumz Version.02

New! Snap-In Petal Soaker for M / L Setting Total of 6 layers of Heavy Bamboo Fleece with Suede Cloth on top as stay-dry layer

New! Snap-In Petal Soaker for S setting also
functioning as snap-in doubler for M / L setting

Total 6 Layers of heavy bamboo fleece
with Suede Cloth on top as stay-dry layer

New! snap-in doubler setting for girl or back wetter

New! snap-in doubler setting for boy or front wetter

New! Hip Snap Cover
prevent snaps rubbing on baby's skin, great! for bigger build baby

New! finishing turned & top stitched with decorative serging on top

fitting on a 15months toddler at 11kg weight and 79cm height

bling bumz V.02!

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