Review and pictures from our tester of New Born CD Mini Bling Bumz !
Our NB Fitted Diaper can fits baby from 3kg - 6.5kg.
All snaps are hidden, so no snaps will touch/rub on baby's delicate skin.
They come with one lay in soaker (1 layer of plush bamboo velour and 2 layer heavy bamboo fleece) make it total of 6 layers
Have snap down rise to protect that delicate belly button while it heals.


 Fitting on a 5 months old baby weighing at 5.5kg


Fitting on a 15 Days baby weighing at 3.45kg

Dear Lisa,

Thanks so much for giving me this opportunity to test drive your newborn prototype diaper. As promised, I have already tested the diaper on Laurent, and also snapped some pictures in action. Here are my reviews:

When I first received the diaper, it looked very well made, stitching and serge stitches are neat, strong even after several washes, which I hope will last. The snaps are well enforced and have no problems with any teared material. I love how it is shaped, elastics are nicely stitched, strong and firmed. It comes with an umbilical cord snap, but my son's cord fell on day 7, so I did not utilize the snap button. Materials being used are very soft to the skin, which I really like. Dries fast and and does not loose shape.

Since my son is a heavy wetter, the diaper lasted 3 hrs, fully soaked front to back. My only wish is that you would put extra layers in the body and lay-in soaker. Overall, it is indeed a very well made newborn pattern, and would recommend to others to try. Today is day 15 and my son can still fit in the diaper at current weight 3.45kg.

Talk to u soon again!