Sunday, August 29, 2010

Thank You

matching sexy back top with cd :)

first diaper with bling label 'Bling Bumz' :)

booty ruffles! cute! no?

Custom made All-in-Two in paperdolls and red christmas with cute booty ruffles :)

Thank You Very Much Darling Mama!! :)


  1. Lisa, I haven't take any pix of my gal wearing these but I just want to say the diaper's very adorable at my girl's bum bum.The ruffle is fantastic!!As if she's wearing a ballerina tutu!!
    Thanks for the beautiful BlingBumz Lisa..Definitely will be ordering more from you!!

  2. sheena,

    just saw ur comment today worries lah take your time am all happy knowing that you like it , thanks dear :)